Taking phone customization to a whole another level.

Typing will never be boring again with our Custom Keyboard for iPhones (Custom Keys). Design your own keypad theme with original backgrounds, fonts, styles, and more!



Custom Keyboard

Themes for iPhones


Creating a keyboard theme for your iPhone has never been this fun! Get a free personalization app now and find your own aesthetic theme.


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Background Editor

For Your Photos

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Background Editor Photo Change

Features for BG remover

  • Auto background eraser tool
  • Easy to use editor with user-friendly interface
  • A fantastic selection of wallpapers
  • White backgrounds for your images
  • Blur image editor and changer


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Cute Angel Wings

Stickers For You

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Angel Wings Cute Photo Editor

Features for Angel Photo Editor

  • 50+ stickers of angel wings
  • Neon wings, fairy wings, and more
  • Edit any selfie from your phone’s gallery
  • Cute photo booth with stickers for girls
  • Unlock new wing stickers easily